An application to help
relieve exam induced
stress and anxiety by
using mixed reality

What is Buddy?

The design challenge was to incorporate augmented reality and create a platform for all the students who struggle with exam stress at the end of the semester. The app will remind students to take breaks between study sessions. Our target users are THA students in

an age group of 20-27.

Buddy has a built-in timer to track your study duration and prompt you to take breaks based on your set time intervals. During these breaks, Buddy provides stress relieving activities to help you relax and calm your mind.

The Design

Careful Branding

Our first task was to create a buddy avatar that a user can relate to. We created several versions before finalizing the avatar we used.

We personalized the avatar as per the need & context of each screen. We also added small animations to make the avatars more lively.

Scan the QR code for Hands-on experience

Download the APK and install like any other app (Android only)

Meet the team

Jevottam Sharma

UX/UI Design

Karina Valdez

UX/UI Design

Alexander Valerian


Fedir Sychov


Curious about the Buddy app?

Write us for any queries or feedback (for design) (for programming)

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